The HotRod Hustle

I’m going to buy a dream car, with no money.

15 January 2022

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This is the beginning of a something

Buckle up.

The Challenge

I want to buy a $20,000 car. I can’t use any money that I already have or are entitled to (like my salary).

I have to make it from scratch or from things I already have.

I have until the end of the year - 2022.

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The Background

A friend of mine bought himself a pretty cool car last year. A 1980 Toyota Corolla. It wasn’t luxury but it bled cool. I wanted my own.

Then my sister-in-law brings home a boyfriend who was driving an old Land Cruiser Defender. I was never a car guy but I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

The Dilemma

I can’t afford these kinds of vehicles. They’re not Aston Martins or Ferraris but I don’t have $20,000 (Australian Dollars) lying around.

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I was inspired a few years ago by someone who created the Digital Nomad website. He had created 12 side hustles in 12 months. Some were successful and others weren’t. But I was hooked by the idea.

I don’t need to try 12 different things. But I certainly want to put a few of my own ideas into practice. So I’m going to take the ethos, and then add my own spin.

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Ok. Here are my Side Hustles for 2022

  1. Sell Things
  2. Furniture Flipping
  3. Betting (With Maths)
  4. Online Art Store
  5. Picture Frames
  6. Stonks
  7. Crypto
  8. Sell local booze
  9. Medium Writing
  10. Blockchain App Freelancing

I could do one per month and give each one it’s due focus. But that doesn’t allow room for growth, new ideas, or success.

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I’m starting this mid way through January 2022. I’ll spend the rest of the month exploding each of these side hustles into dependencies and see if I can find any efficiencies. I’ll also create some loose monthly monetary goals but these will just be to keep me on track and motivated. I’ll essentially be guessing the figures as I’m making this whole thing up as I go.

Sell Things

Some of the ideas on the list are a ‘spend money to make money’ kind of deal. Especially anything to do with gambling, stocks and crypto. But I’m not allowed to spend any of my own money. So I have to adapt the addage…

“Make money to spend money to make money” — Me, January 2022

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All we’re doing here is walking around my house, looking for shit I don’t need and selling it online. Whatever I make is the capital I have to seed the rest of my ventures.

Furniture Flipping

Ok, I love this one. I don’t know why but I love working with my hands and creating. The basic idea here is to find free or cheap shit online and give it a make over.

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There’s a lot of this going around but I’m going to add my own spin. It’ll essentially be giving tattoos to furniture. I drew a skull on a bookcase a few years ago, I had to get rid of it because I was moving so I put it on Facebook marketplace for free. It was gone in a few hours and the lady that picked it up said that her son was going to love it. It was easy, fun, liked and it’s on the list. It won’t make a lot but it’ll fuel the others.

Image by Author

Sports Betting with Maths

This one will require some R&R…reading & research. I have a hunch. I think I can make it work. But there’s that voice in my head saying that if it was this easy, everybody would be doing it. I’ll tackle this one in a few months once I’ve done my reading and built some models. I’m going to have to watch a lot of NBA.

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Online Art Store

Online e-commerce store selling my art or that of friends. Hopefully automate the printer to customer drop shipping element. That hardest part will be sourcing some good art.

Image by Author

Picture Frames

I have the tools for this. I just need to watch some YouTube videos, practice and figure out how to source glass cut to the correct length. Hey, I can put the frames in the online art store! Nice

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A bit like the Sports Betting here. Research Required. I’m not going to bother building my own dashboards or anything like that. I’m just going to subscribe to one of these cool platforms that does it for you. I’ll need to open accounts, bank and trading, and again, YouTube.

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As Above

Sell Local Booze

I live in Melbourne, Australia. We’re pretty good at beer down here. But recently I’ve noticed that we have some of the absolute best whiskey, gin and vodka on the planet. And they’re all quite new. I might try and see how I can go about getting some wholesale prices, nice packaging and start some little ‘local’ gift boxes or something like that. Capital will be high. Might need to do this one a bit further down the line when I have hopefully had a couple of wins.

Medium Writing

Self explanatory?

If not, this is it. Blog The Hotrod Hustle, hopefully get some views and some monthly cash for exploring the other ideas.

BlockChain App Freelancing

This is Web 3.0

Building applications on the BlockChain. This is just another version of freelancing as a web developer. I can start learning how to do this now. It’s just going to be a big investment in my own education. Hopefully have this up and running in a few months as I think this could be one of the best bang for buck ideas in terms of time for money.

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More to come



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